CoasterVille Mascot Swing: Everything you need to know


CoasterVille's Dog Barker mascot is the focus of the game's newest building project, as players can now build a Mascot Swing in their parks. This Mascot Swing has five building stages to complete in all, along with quests that go with each stage. We're here with a look at how to get started on this Mascot Swing, so let's go!

A Fitting Tribute

  • Place the Mascot Swing

  • Finish the Mascot Swing Foundation

The Mascot Swing can be placed via this first quest and then built using 2,500 coins, five Yarn Balls, 600 Goods, and 2,500 Thrill Points. The Yarn Balls are earned by posting a general request to your news feed. Remember, if you ask for these items on, you'll earn from strangers and can finish this building project fast! Completing this first quest gives you 200 coins and two Hospitality.

Barking Dogs

  • Complete the Second Stage of the Mascot Swing

The second stage of the Mascot Swing requires 3,125 coins, six Flour Sacks, 750 Goods, and 3,125 Thrill Points to complete. The Flour Sacks are earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors for help.

For each of the three remaining building stages, you'll need to collect more coins, Goods, Thrill Points, and collectibles to finish them off. Each stage adds Thrill Points and Popularity Points to the ride's final offering, and you'll earn more Thrill Points, coins, and other items as rewards for completing the ride's associated quests.

These quests will be available for the next 32 days. Good luck finishing them off in time!

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