2020: My Country is Game Insight's city-building sequel on Android


My Country has been downloaded more than 17 million times across iOS and Android, so with that success in mind, Game Insight and innoWate have created a sequel to the in-depth city-builder that takes us a bit into the future. 2020: My Country is now available to download on Android devices, as players take over a futuristic metropolis and help it grow.

2020: My Country ofers quests that keep players moving forward, and by completing these missions, they'll unlock a new series of buildings and "development options" to help their cities stay as technologically advanced as possible. Since things can't run smoothly all of the time, players will also have to watch out for natural and perhaps supernatural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and even dinosaur invasions.

Throughout it all, players will need to depend on professionals like plumbers, fire fighters, other maintenance workers, finance specialists and more that can offer expertise and help when needed. From the game's trailer below, we can see that 2020: My Country is full of bright graphics and plenty of fun animations, but those looking for more info can head to the game's website as well.

2020: My Country is now available to download for free on Android, and it's coming soon to iOS devices as well.

Download 2020: My Country on Android >

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