PlayFirst's Deep Sea Deli splashes onto iPhone, iPad this week [Exclusive]

PlayFirst will launch its newest mobile title on iPhone and iPad later this week, as Deep Sea Deli will splash onto mobile devices with a new brand of puzzle arcade action. We're here with an exclusive first look at PlayFirst's newest game, starring Narly the Narwhal.

Narly's life is anything but normal, as his former career as a famous "tusker" has gown down the drain and he's looking for a way to get back into the spotlight. To do that, he's decided to open up an undersea deli for all of his friends. While 'deli' and PlayFirst may make you think of the company's Diner Dash series, Deep Sea Deli looks to be more of a puzzle game than anything else. Sandwich ingredient are falling from a cargo ship at the ocean's surface, leaving ingredients to be trapped in bubbles that can be popped to create sandwiches for the underwater locals.

Deep Sea Deli will launch on iPhone and iPad tomorrow, April 25. Check back with us in the coming days for a full review.

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