Zynga goes global with launch of Draw Something 2 on iOS [Video]

Draw Something 2UPDATE: Draw Something 2 is now available for download. Get your doodle on right here.

During a dismal financial earnings call today, Zynga had at least one bit of truly good news. The sequel to its (well, OMGPOP's) hit doodling game, Draw Something, will land on the App Store globally sometime tonight, the developer announced. Draw Something 2--a "completely reimagined take on the original," according to a press release--brings with not just new brushes and colors, but an increased focus on social play and interaction. Here are the highlights, according to Zynga:
  • A live social feed that makes it easy to follow friends, celebrities and artists; and like, comment or tap on drawings to see an instant replay of how they were created.
  • Tons of new drawing tools: Colors, textures and patterns, like zebra, plaid and camouflage, and tools like 8-bit pixel pen, sparkle pen, stamps, highlighter and crayon.
  • A new Free Draw feature lets artists create and share new drawings using all the new tools.
  • Thousands of new words to draw, and fun new ways to play, including Daily Draw and Daily Guess. And the latest in pop culture is always served up.
  • Zynga also partnered with Universal to bring an innovative Despicable Me 2 integration into the game in a fun way that benefit players and adds to the experience.
Zynga first revealed Draw Something 2 through bestie Ryan Seacrest, the first non-Zynga fellow to get his hands on the game. Soon in the U.S., you'll finally get to know what it's like to play Draw Something with Zynga's special ... touch on it. Yeah, that sounds about right.

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