ChefVille 'Trout & About' Quests: Everything you need to know


​As the Outdoor Cooking event continues to push ahead in ChefVille, a series of three new quests has been released that focuses on Trout and the new Outdoor Stove. These "Trout & About" quests may not be available in all players' games just yet, but we're here with a guide to help you prepare for them (and eventually finish them off), thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

For Starters

  • Place and Build the Trout Cooler

  • Cook 6 Wild Mushroom Salads

  • Tend Neighbors' Tomato Plants 6 Times

The Trout Cooler can be purchase in the store for 200 coins. This item requires three energy to unwrap, and you'll need to collect eight Bags of Ice to actually finish it off. These Bags of Ice are earned by posting a general request to your news feed, and fortunately, this is a "give one, get one" item. That means you can click on your friends' news items to earn these Bags of Ice faster, as they too work on completing this event in their restaurants.

As for the Wild Mushroom Salads, these are prepared over in the Salad Station using one Romaine Lettuce, one Mushroom, and two Tomatoes per batch. This Salad takes just two minutes to prepare. When you complete this first quest, you'll receive two Trout, 20 XP, and 30 coins.

Boom, Roasted

  • Collect 8 Fish Lure

  • Cook 4 Roasted Whole Trout

  • Tend Trout Cooler 4 Times

The Fish Lures are earned by asking your friends to help you out, while the Roasted Whole Trout dish is prepared inside the Outdoor Stove using two Trout, two Tomatoes, and two Onions per 15-minute batch. When you complete this second quest, you'll receive two Trout, 20 XP, and 30 coins. If you've yet to finish the Outdoor Stove, check out our complete guide for more info.

Stupendous Stew

  • ​Have 8 Fish Lines

  • Cook 3 Trout & Tomato Stew

  • Give 12 Chef's Services with Roasted Whole Trout

The Fish Lines are also earned by asking your friends to send them to you. Meanwhile, the Trout & Tomato Stew is prepared using one Trout, three Tomatoes, and three Chicken per serving. This dish takes 10 hours to cook. When you complete this final quest in the series, you'll receive two One-Hour Thyme, 40 XP, and two Honey Glaze. Good luck completing these quests before they expire!

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