ChefVille Speedy Ingredient Statue: Everything you need to know


If you were impressed with the Double Energy Statue in ChefVille, which temporarily boosts your maximum energy from 25 to 50 points, you might be interested in the game's newest item, the Speedy Ingredient Statue. This one also only functions for a limited amount of time, but it arguably has more to offer than the Double Energy Statue.

This Speedy Ingredient Statue costs 50 Chef Cash to purchase, and it lasts for three days. Throughout that three-day period, this Statue will allow you to harvest your ingredients in half the normal time required. That is, where an ingredient like Eggs, as an example, requires 30 minutes to recharge, this Speedy Ingredient Statue will let you harvest the Egg Fridge every 15 minutes instead.

If you're working on completing any of the game's limited edition quest lines, this Statue can greatly help you out there, as it will keep your reserves of useful ingredients fairly full as you cook. Again though, this Statue only remains active in your restaurant for three days, although it's likely that interested chefs can purchase additional Speedy Ingredient Statues to keep the boost active. Of course, whether or not you're willing to keep shelling out that kind of cash will be up to you.

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