Come on down! The Price is Right Bingo launches on Facebook


The Price is Right continues to be one of Ludia's strongest properties, as the Price is Right Slots has over 500,000 monthly active users, according to Facebook. Now, Ludia has launched a new game in the franchise that takes the Price is Right game show idea and transforms it into a game of Bingo. As you might have guessed, the result "The Price is Right Bingo," which is now available to play on Facebook.

The Price is Right Bingo separates Bingo rooms into different mini-games from the television show, like Cliffhanger, 3 Strikes, the Shell Game and more. In each room, players can choose how many tickets they'd like to play at a time, from one to six cards, with each card costing a ticket to purchase. These tickets are like energy, limiting the amount of games you can play in a single session.

For each number a player correctly daubs on their cards, they'll charge a power-up bar that can provide free daubs on their cards, keys to unlock prizes at the end of a round, and so on. More rooms are unlocked as players level-up, and there's even a chance that players can spin the Big Wheel from the show, unlocking even more prizes still.

If you're interested in trying the Price is Right Bingo, you can now jump into a game (or ten) right now on Facebook.

Play the Price is Right Bingo on Facebook >

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