Teaser suggests a reveal for 2K's XCOM shooter, possibly The Bureau, could come this week

The Bureau

Come this Thursday, April 26, we should have a better idea about 2K's XCOM shooter and its possible rebranding as The Bureau. There's a lot of mystery surrounding the game which was first revealed at E3 2010 and then delayed after a mixed response. Over the past few weeks, rumors and speculation surrounding the shooter possibly being rebranded have surfaced.

Whatever the situation now, it appears 2K Games is ready to finally unveil it. A new teaser has emerged from Veritas MCMLXII titled "What Happened in 62," which just so happens to be the year the original XCOM shooter was set. The video doesn't show much, but it's what it doesn't show that is so intriguing.

Check out the video at GameZone >

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