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RIP Rally
RIP Rally

Got an appetite for destruction? As we noted in our review earlier today, Chillingo's new twin-stick shooter RIP Rally packs in plenty of arena-based zombie slaying and will keep anyone entertained for a time. If you need a hand fend(er)ing off the undead, have a look through our hints and tips for the game.

- When it comes to fighting the gigantic hulk zombie that arrives in the fourth wave, it's absolutely critical that you keep your distance as he delivers a powerful strike. Dodge his long-range ground-smashing attack and drive around the arena taking out any zombies ahead first, and then the chasing pack. Once you're left with the big one, simply grind his health down while maintaining your distance.

- You'll see certain zombies fire a projectile towards the ground. Stay out of this at all costs, as it will slow your vehicle down considerably, and leave you extremely vulnerable to any swarms of zombies nearby. It goes without saying that you should prioritize taking down these projectile undead first and foremost.

- Keep an eye on the mission system, as you're really going to need the reward cash in the early days. Some of the objectives are very simple, but they may not be obvious - if you're struggling in later waves, grind out some early ones until you've completed a mission and can get a juicy new upgrade for your vehicle or weapon loadout.

- Upgraded your car with a decent scoop on the front? If you want to get out of wave one nice and quickly, strafe around the basic pack with your vehicle, then mow them all down in one go while driving forward. Not only will you clear the first wave nice and quickly, you'll pick up a fantastic combo bonus for blitzing them all. You'll lose a chunk of health, but you'll get a refill before the next wave comes along - just don't forget to pick it up!

- Keep an eye on your ammo and health meters at all times. The game will always spawn an ammo refill if you run out entirely, but you never want to leave it to the last moment. If you've lost more than half your ammo, pick up the spawn. For health, wait until you've lost at least half your meter to avoid wasting the top-up.

- At the end of each wave, prioritize picking up health and ammo clips if you need them, but you should definitely be keeping close tabs on any giant gold coins that have dropped too. These can be used in lieu of cash for buying an upgrade, and they often drop from larger zombies too. Make sure you grab them all whenever they appear.

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