Redemption Cemetery: Salvation of the Lost - Review

Redemption Cemetary: Salvation of the Lost
Redemption Cemetary: Salvation of the Lost

ERS Game Studios has proved to us in a few of their latest games that they are capable to create amazing games that go beyond the typical line. Redemption Cemetery: Salvation of the Lost, the latest game in the famous Hidden Object Adventure series continues to bring us that high-quality experience we have expected.

The story of Redemption Cemetery 4 does not differ much from the previous games and we think the story in this sequel is even weaker than it supposed to be. Even though the game starts out with interesting introduction; it fails to deliver that sense of uniqueness we are looking for. If you are expected the game to be creepy or spooky, then you might be disappointed. Yes, the atmosphere in the cemetery itself is chilling enough but as you travel to another location to fix the past, that spookiness has gone. The side stories are also not very interesting and are not usually really relate to the main story.

Now on the positives! Salvation of the Lost has the sharpest graphics we have even seen in ERS's games. Graphics in games by ERS-G, although are great looking, they are often foggy. We were surprised by the fact that graphics in this game is especially detailed and that foggy aspect has vanished! All locations are amazingly crafted with talented artists and dark scenes are not too dark.

The game provides the players with different Hidden Object scenes, normal ones and ERS's signature interactive ones. Again, both types are very entertaining to play and the interactive Hidden Object scenes are specially clever in this game when compared to other games. Speaking of cleverness of the game, the puzzles are smart, unique and challenging.

Furthermore, the game also offer you an interactive map where you can use it to jump to places. Along with the map, another extra feature ERS has included is the Element Raven helper. This is an extremely interesting idea because not only it adds some variety and creativity in the game; you will be able to collect different elements to charge up your raven. To charge up your raven, you have to play some pretty cool mini-games - after use the power several times, you need to charge it again. Surprisingly, those mini games are so fun that we did not feel repetitive at all. In addition, you also have a puppy where you can name, collect trophies and play mini games with.

The length of the main game lasts around 3 and a half hours which is very solid for fast players. In contrast, the Bonus Chapter is not that great compared to the main game and it lasts for only 45 minutes.

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