Police Officer Saves Man Who Stepped In Front Of Train [VIDEO]


Police Officer Saves Suicidal Man at Metro Station
Police Officer Saves Suicidal Man at Metro Station

Working for the police can mean saving lives. But it's not every day that you actually have to do it in dramatic fashion -- and that your heroism gets caught on video. But that's what recently happened to a man who's been identified as Gustavo Chaparro, a police officer in the South American country of Colombia.

As shown in the video above, Chaparro passes a man just as the man steps in front of a speeding subway train in the southern Colombian city of Medellin. What happened next was caught by one of the subway system's surveillance cameras and shows Chaparro, wearing a yellow vest, calmly saving the man from imminent death.

As the video shows, the man that Chaparro rescued was a split second from getting struck by the oncoming train. The sequence, which couldn't have been better scripted for heart-stopping effect by Jerry Bruckheimer, was posted to Clip Nation, the video-sharing website.