Game covers in Clipart and Comic Sans

Super Smash Bros.

Over the past day or so, people have been recreating game covers using only clip-art and Comic Sans. Thanks to NeoGAF and Kotaku, I've been crying with laughter this morning over these strokes of genius. Sometimes the worst ones are the best:

Starfox Adventures Clipart
Borderlands from OmNomTaco
Borderlands Clipart
Animal Crossing from segab
Animal Crossing Cover Clipart
I think maybe I prefer the happier version of Worms Armageddon from jvvi. It captures the spirit of the game so much better than the original.
Worms Armageddon Cover ClipartWorms Armageddon Cover
This one from The Bees Pajamas for The Walking Dead... doesn't.
The Walking Dead CoverThe Walking Dead Cover Clipart
And my personal favourite:
Amnesia The Dark Descent Clipart

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