ChefVille 'Let It Bee' Quests: Everything you need to know

In addition to the new Happy Camper quest series in ChefVille, that asks you to build a new Open Camp Fire cooking appliance, there's also a series of quests called "Let It Bee" that introduces a new Bee Hive to our restaurants. This Bee Hive can be placed and built alongside these quests over the next five days, and we're here with a guide on how to finish these quests off, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Time to Beef Up

  • Place and Build the Bee Hive

  • Cook 3 Toasted Honey Beef Sandwiches

  • Tend 8 Wild Mushrooms

The Bee Hive is placed via this quest window, and it comes wrapped in a ribbon that must be removed using three energy. From there, you'll need to finish the Bee Hive by collecting four Honey Jars, four Honey Sticks, four Honey Bees, and four Honey Combs. The Jars and Bees are earned by posting general news requests to your feed, while the other two items are earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors.

As for the Toasted Honey Beef Sandwiches, these are prepared inside the Open Camp Fire using two Beef, two Honey, and two Wheat Bread per batch. Each sandwich takes an hour to prepare. When you complete this first quest, you'll receive four Sirloin Beef, 10 XP, and 20 coins.

Pizza Pie Chart

  • Collect 8 Bear Proof Cans

  • Cook 6 Cheese Pizzas

  • Earn 2 Ribbons for Honey Sausages on a Stick

The Bear Proof Cans are earned by asking your friends to send them to you, while the Cheese Pizzas are cooked inside the Brick Oven using one Dough and one Mozzarella per pizza. This dish takes just four minutes to cook.

​For the Honey Sausages on a Stick, you'll need to cook this dish inside the Open Camp Fire using two Beef, two Honey, and two Salt per 15-minute batch. This dish must be cooked three times for even the first Mastery Ribbon. Completing this quest gives you two Honey, 20 XP, and 30 coins.

Stick With It

  • Have 8 Bear Bells

  • Cook 4 Honey Sausages on a Stick

  • Serve 2 Garden Salads

The Bear Bells are earned, you guessed it, by asking your friends to help you out. While you're waiting for those to arrive, you can cook the Garden Salads inside the Salad Station using four Mixed Greens and two Ranch Dressing per batch.

Finishing the final quest in this series gives you two One-Hour Thymes, 40 XP, and 50 coins. These quests will be available for the next five days, so make sure to work on them as quickly as you can to finish them all in time. Good luck!

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