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Best jobs in AmericaIn an unstable economy, do good jobs even exist? Of course, some jobs will always be better than others. And to figure which is the best job right now,, the employment website, every year examines a variety of factors, from physical demands to stress and hiring outlook. On Tuesday, it released its 2013 list of the best jobs in America, and it contained some surprises.

The best jobs on the list are not glamorous. But they all pay well, from $64,750 to just shy of six figures. (In contrast, the average salary for a full-time worker in America is around $41,000.) Many of the best jobs also require specialized training to enter the profession. See below for the top 10 jobs, along with average salary information.

The Best Jobs of 2013:

10. Computer Systems Average income: $77,740

9. Physical Therapist -- Average income: $76,310

8. Optometrist -- Average income: $94,990

7. Occupational Therapist -- Average income: $72,320

6. Dental Hygienist -- Average income: $68,250

5. Financial Planner -- Average income: $64,750

4. Audiologist -- Average income: $66,660

3. Software Engineer -- Average income: $90,530

2. Biomedical Engineer -- Average income: $81,540

1. Actuary -- Average income: $87,650

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