The Ville gets evicted from Facebook, terminates lease on June 24


​Oh, housing puns. Zynga has officially announced that The Ville is the next game in its Facebook catalog that will be closed, as players attempting to access the game are given the unfortunate news via a lengthy announcement and promise of compensation, as spotted by CEGamers.

Fortunately, this is one game closure that we definitely saw coming, but that doesn't make us happy that it's happening. The game was quickly placed on the back-burner after a lengthy series of lawsuits between Zynga and EA over copyright infringement allegations surrounding The Ville's many resemblances to The Sims Social. Still, the game was fun to play and we're sad to see it go.

Players looking for compensation can choose to receive a bonus package in ChefVille, FarmVille 2 or Bubble Safari, though the contents of these packages are still unknown at this time. To claim your package, simply load The Ville on Facebook and you'll receive the prompt.

Interestingly, with the closing of The Ville on June 24, and the closure of EA's The Sims Social on June 14, Facebook will lose both of its top "life sim" games in just 10 days time. If you're looking for something to fill in the gap, perhaps try Disney's City Girl, as it contains many of the same home design and career elements that you might be looking for. You can check out our full review of that game for more details.

Are you sad to see The Ville closed on Facebook? What will you do now that both The Ville and The Sims Social are closing? Sound off in the comments!