Accountant Allegedly Steals To Pay For Divorce, Breast Implants

Steffani Lariscy stolen moneySteffani Lariscy apparently wanted a divorce -- and breast implants and new furniture too. So, according to authorities, the former accountant with a Florida camper sales outfit allegedly stole nearly $170,000 from her employer's coffers and financed these expenditures.

Lariscy, 37, was arrested Thursday and charged with grand theft for allegedly embezzling from her ex-employer, Robbins Camper Sales in Ormond Beach, Fla., according to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

According to a news release from the Sheriff's Office, the theft was discovered when the company's owner noticed a $1,000 discrepancy in the company's books. When the owner of Robbins Camper Sales confronted Lariscy, she reportedly confessed, saying that she "needed the money to help with her divorce" and promised to repay the funds. But when the owner said that he was going to report the theft to police, she fled, according to the release.

A subsequent financial audit revealed that far more than $1,000 was missing -- $169,822 over a three-year period, according to authorities. An anonymous tipster reportedly told sheriff's investigators that Lariscy had boasted about buying new furniture, spending $7,000 on breast implants and keeping cash hidden in her pad. Authorities also reported finding Lariscy in North Carolina, where she is being held on $100,000 bond; it couldn't be determined whether she has an attorney.

While the amount missing in this instance is far from typical, theft by employees is very common. An AOL Jobs survey found that nearly half of workers admit to having taken things from employers, mostly of small value. But employers don't necessarily look the other way. This year a Walmart worker was charged with a felony when security cameras reportedly found that she had been pilfering and eating Oreos and other snack foods from the store. Walmart claims that it loses $3 billion a year in theft, most of it committed by employees.

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