What To Do While Waiting For The Job Offer

Gail Belsky, job search tips Deciding to go off and explore new career options is like being a genie out of the bottle. You don't want to get stuffed back in until you've had a good look around.

I lost out on one job, and am now waiting to hear back about another. This one, at a nonprofit, would be a great opportunity to take my editing and writing experience into a new area -- which is exactly what I was hoping for when I started my career reinvention journey in January. Fingers crossed.

But if it doesn't pan out, I'm not giving up. While I'm waiting to hear, I'm continuing to look at different ways to achieve the same thing.

Build your own network: I'm taking on as broad a range of freelance projects as possible, not only to build up my client base, but also to increase my relevance to a greater number of clients and potential employers. Plus, it's more interesting having a bunch of different things going on at once.

Investigate business ideas: I'm also talking more seriously with a few editing colleagues about doing something none of us have any experience doing -- starting our own content consulting business for companies and nonprofits. We don't know exactly what it would look like, or how we would set it up. But we know what we can offer, and that there is a demand for it.

Stay positive: When we started mulling the concept a year ago, it seemed too far out of reach to even contemplate. Now that I'm in contemplate mode, however, I feel like, "Why not?" We're smart people. We're really good at what we do. Why not explore this route, too?

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We need to start doing research into the market, and talking to contacts in the business world who can give us insight. The whole thing may go nowhere. But it's exciting to be considering the possibilities, instead of the limitations -- which I'm pretty sure is what reinvention is supposed to be about.

What about you? While you're waiting for a job offer, how do you keep yourself busy?

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