FarmVille 2 Mother's Day Workshop Recipes: Everything you need to know

In addition to the Mother's Day items that have been released in the FarmVille 2 marketplace, this theme has also expanded out into the Crafting Workshop, as three new recipes are available for crafting with moms in mind. We're here with a complete guide to these recipes, so let's get started!

The first recipe is the Red Tulip Bouquet, which is made using 10 Red Tulips and two Wool Bolts. The Wool Bolts are created using eight units of Wool each, while the Red Tulips are planted for 40 coins each and can be harvested after growing for two hours. A single Red Tulip Bouquet can be sold for 2,800 coins, and you'll receive 19 XP for each one that you create.

The second recipe is the Mother's Day Card, which is made with eight Forest Pansies and one Lumber. The Lumber can be created using eight Logs each, while the Forest Pansies are earned by harvesting the Forest Pansy Tree. This tree can be purchased in the store for 14 Farm Bucks and it's available to harvest every 12 hours. Creating a single Mother's Day Card gives you 21 XP, and you can sell each one in the store for 3,320 coins each.

The final recipe in this series is for a Forest Pansy Bouquet. This recipe requires two Wool Bolts and 12 Forest Pansies to create. This recipe is sold for 4,080 coins in the market, and you'll receive 26 XP for making a single one.

These recipes will be available for completion for the next three weeks, while the Forest Pansy Trees and Red Tulips will only be available in the store for 20 days. Make sure that you stock up on these Red Tulips if you'd like to earn coins via these recipes, as they won't be available for long.

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