FarmVille 2 Mother's Day Kitchen Recipes: Everything you need to know

While the main focus of the Mother's Day item theme in FarmVille 2 may be on growing Red Tulips for mastery points, you can also complete a series of three new cooking recipes inside the game's Crafting Kitchen. These three recipes are centered around fruit dishes that any mother would love, and we're here with a guide on how to prepare each one. Let's get started!

The first recipe is the Grapefruit Waffle, which is made using two Batter and eight Pink Grapefruits per batch. The Batter comes from Wheat, Flour, and Eggs, while the Pink Grapefruits are harvested from the Pink Grapefruit Tree. A single tree can be purchased in the game's store for 12 Farm Bucks, and it can be harvest once every 16 hours. Creating this Grapefruit Waffle recipe gives you 25 XP and you can sell each batch for 3,820 coins in the store.

The second recipe is for an Orange Coffee Cake, which rewards you with 19 XP each time it's created. This recipe requires two Batter and one Orange Icing to make. The icing is made using Oranges and Butter, and you can sell each Orange Coffee Cake for 2,210 coins in the market.

The final recipe in this series is for Pink Grapefruit Brûlée. This recipe requires 12 Pink Grapefruits and four Sugar to make. The Sugar is earned by asking your friends to send some to you via individual requests. A single batch of this item can be sold for 3,140 coins, and you'll receive 17 XP for each one that you create.

These recipes will be available in the game's Crafting Kitchen for the next three weeks, while the Pink Grapefruit Trees will only be available to purchase for the next 20. Make sure to invest in this tree sooner, rather than later, if these recipes are things you're interested in making.

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