Bloons TD 5 walkthrough, cheats and tips

Bloons TD 5
Getting Started
  • To get started quickly, go ahead and click on the "Play Now" button at the top of this screen.Bloons TD 5 is a free to play game, so there's no worry if you discover it's not your bag.
Bloons TD 5
  • When you start the game for the first game, you will receive a short popup message welcoming you to the game. You can dismiss this message by tapping on the "Close" button in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Bloons TD 5 is a level based game where you will play consecutive levels. You will be able to unlock levels as you play.
How to Play
Bloons TD 5
  • When you are at the main menu of the game, you have several options to choose Special Agents, Towers, Store, Specialties, Social, Monkey Lab, Settings, and your Money Chest.
Bloons TD 5
  • Monkey Lane is the first level of the game, so we will use it as an example of how to play the game. You can start any level from the level selection screen by swiping to it, then tapping on it.
  • From here, you can tap on your difficulty from "Easy" to "Deflation". Some difficulties will not be unlocked until you rank up.
Bloons TD 5
  • Tapping on your difficulty takes you into the level where you can start placing towers down to defend your own tower.
  • At this point, you can begin placing down turrets and other items that will be used to defend you. The icon in the lower left corner is used to place down your own towers. The icon in the lower right is for Special Agents which we'll discuss later.
Bloons TD 5Bloons TD 5
  • Tap on the icon in the lower left corner, and then on the Dart Monkey. The Dart Monkey can be placed by tapping and holding while dragging it out of the inventory and on to the screen. Each one of these costs $170 to purchase, so be careful when placing them down.
Bloons TD 5
  • Dart Monkeys will throw darts immediately once in range of Bloons. Most Bloons can be taken out with just one dart but may require more monkeys when there's a horde of them.
Bloons TD 5
  • When you finish a round, you will be given XP based on how well you completed the round. If you earn enough XP, you'll be able to Rank Up and unlock new levels and difficulties.
  • If you want to, you can then start the next round on the same level. Your same towers will stay, however there will be more enemies than before so be extra ready.
Bloons TD 5
  • In-between rounds you will be given the opportunity to purchase additional attack towers so that you can fend off the additional enemies. You can also upgrade your towers if need be.

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