Check out this BioShock Infinite replica Sky-Hook

BioShock Infinite sky hook

Over on the PlayStation Community Blog they're giving away a BioShock Infinite Replica Sky-Hook. I managed to score one of these myself a few weeks ago and did a demo session plus Q&A on my Twitch channel. It's nice. I'm a sucker for anything with moving parts and this replica sky-hook works really well. Its spinning mechanism is solid and entirely manual, as you can see in the video.

As it's all made of plastic, I wouldn't recommend trying to mash anyone's face in, nor hanging from tram lines but as a curio to mount on your wall or to use in a particularly elaborate bit of cosplay, it's lovely. The level of detail on the decorative plates is superb as well. Each plate is carefully etched with a beautiful image and "authentic" scratch marks befitting a relic of the 1920s.

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