Diner Dash: Flo on the Go walkthrough, cheats and tips

Diner Dash flo on the go
Diner Dash flo on the go

Once you have played Diner Dash 3, Flo on the Go you will never leave a waitress a lousy tip again. In this latest installment of the Diner Dash games, everyone's favorite waitress Flo finally takes the vacation of her dreams. But when her suitcase pops open and all her clothes end up in the water, Flo must rely on her hard working waitressing talents to save her vacation....and her wardrobe.

Help Flo jump back into work at five new restaurants. You will have to juggle nine different types of customers including mothers with crying babies, smooching lovebirds, cell phone addicts and bookworms. Plus you have to keep the folks waiting for a table happy or they'll grow impatient and leave...taking valuable coins with them.

Diner Dash 3 will keep you moving. Fortunately, there are some good strategies to follow that will help you build up your bank quickly.

Welcome to Flo's Place

Before you start, take a look at the restaurant. How many tables are there? Fill all the tables first. Avoid the temptation to seat one customer or couple and start serving them before you have seated everyone else. Also, keep an eye on the colors of the tables and the colors of the outfits the customers are wearing. You get big bonuses for seating customers at tables with seat colors that match their outfits. Flo loves her fashion!

Also, take care when choosing where to seat customers. Keep the noisy cell phone addicts in the corner so they won't disturb the other customers. Families with children and joggers won't mind being seated near the cell phone talkers, but a quiet bookworm stuck near a noisy baby or cell phone addict will get angry and may leave before dessert.

Lovebirds like privacy so seat them at a 2 top table. If you don't have a two top table when you start a level, make one before you start seating people. Don't leave the lovebirds alone for too long though. They'll get hot and heavy and disturb the other customers.

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