Cut the Rope: Time Travel on iOS, Android proves more candy is always better

After revealing Cut the Rope: Time Travel earlier this month, ZeptoLab has now released Om Nom's latest quest for candy, as he travels back in time to meet other Om Noms and interact with new kinds of obstacles.

Each stage in Cut the Rope: Time Travel will be familiar to players of the franchise's first games, but the simple fact that two Om Noms, and therefore two pieces of candy, are on the screen at once make this one challenging and equally entertaining experience. Whether Om Nom is lost in Ancient Egypt or the Italian Renaissance, he'll be kept company by his ancestor, who loves candy just as much.

While giving candy to each Om Nom is the ultimate goal in each stage, the star system returns here, with three stars being available in each level. Even though most levels come with a setup that clearly presents which piece of candy needs to go to which Om Nom, there are multiple ways to finish each stage, especially if stars aren't of a concern to you.

Since Om Nom has already traveled back in time at the beginning of this experience, the entire system of time has been thrown out of whack and is now in your control, at least in some stages. In these levels, you can tap a button to freeze every moving item on the screen, stopping a piece of candy from running into a spike, or stopping an obstacle from moving around and being in your way. Bubbles and ropes can be interacted with during these frozen moments, adding another layer of complexity to each puzzle-filled stage.


Depending on the stage, other obstacles include mines, spinning saw blades, chains, wind blowers, and more. Some of these might be familiar to franchise veterans, but their placement in each level is definitely new. Like any puzzle game, the solution of some puzzles is readily apparent while others require lots of thought to complete. That being the case, there's a true sense of satisfaction that comes when you figure out the proper sequence of actions that need to be completed to feed both Om Noms and complete a level, and you can freely restart levels as many times as you'd like to help yourself figure it out.

​Whether you solve puzzle games based on trial and error or you can manipulate everything in your mind, Cut the Rope: Time Travel packs the same addictive punch as the games that came before. The graphics are adorably themed (Om Nom continues to be one of the cutest things ever created), and there's simply tons of content here for your $0.99 purchase price. With the promise of more levels coming in the future, this is one investment that's worth every penny, even if you've never played a game in the Cut the Rope series before.

Download Cut the Rope: Time Travel on iOS for $0.99 >

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