ChefVille 'Next Mastery Star': Everything you need to know


​If you need just a couple more Mastery Stars to unlock your next land expansion in ChefVille, you might wish for an easier way to find easy-to-master dishes, without clicking on every individual cooking appliance that you have in your restaurant. Thankfully, Zynga has released a way for you to do just that, as the Mastery Star counter in the top right corner of the gameplay screen is now interactive.

When you click on that Mastery Star, you'll be shown the easiest dish in your restaurant that you can master. In many cases, it will show you a dish that requires just one more serving to master, regardless of the appliance or the ingredients required to cook it. As you earn those Mastery Stars, the game goes through a cycle from one dish to the next, so you can make a ton of progress by just repeatedly clicking on this star and then serving the dish that pops up.

It's worth pointing out that if you have multiple dishes that have the same "ease" of Mastery, you can't click on the star repeatedly to see other dishes. So, if you'd rather avoid cooking the dish it shows you, you're then back to finding dishes on your own. In addition, the cooking time of your "next Mastery Star' dish might be quite lengthy, so feel free to pop out some Spices if you want that Star in a hurry. Good luck racking up Mastery Stars thanks to this new feature!

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