ChefVille Chef's Service Rewards: Everything you need to know


It looks like Zynga wants players to offer more Chef's Services to their guests in ChefVille, as the developer has released two new features that focus on them. In addition to the new Chef's Service Head Chef Challenge, players will now also earn rewards for giving Chef's Services with dishes cooked on the Grill.

According to Zynga, each time you give a Chef's Service to a customer using a dish that's been cooked on the Grill, you'll have a random chance to receive a reward in your restaurant. Spices, Ingredients, and other general boosts are available via these Chef's Services. Instant Thymes, 1-Hour Thymes, Rapid Rosemary, and Salvage Sage Spices are available, along with a variety of ingredients, from Salt and Pepper, to Eggs, Tomatoes, Oranges, Onions, and Romaine Lettuce.

In addition to these cooking items, you'll also have a chance to receive extra coins, XP, and Super Parts. We've tested this feature in our restaurants, and can confirm that it works almost every time you give a Chef's Service. We've received plenty of goodies so far, but Spices do look to be rather rare, which is to be expected. Still, this is a nice little update to see in ChefVille, as it gives chefs something to do with that extra energy that they might have lying in their inventory.

We'll make sure to let you know if any other cooking appliances are added to this feature in the future, so stay tuned!

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What do you think of this new Chef's Service rewards feature in ChefVille? Will you spend energy completing Chef's Services just to earn these freebies? Sound off in the comments!

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