Viking Brothers review

Viking Brothers review​From Alawar, the developer behind countless amazing game comes a new Strategy/Time Management game "Viking Brothers". The game based loosely on the Viking theme; and that is basically the only thing that differs this game from the others.

The story of restore the prosperity of the kingdom is surely nothing we haven't seen before so we are not going to touch on that aspect. The visuals and audio aspects are great; graphics are colorful and attractive, locations and scenes are very well crafted and interesting to look at while the music is charming and not irritating. However, we found that sometimes objects in the scenes are a little too small.

The gameplay of Viking Brothers is simple and very typical for a Strategy/Time Management game. You collect necessary resources, clear paths, build this and that add workers and so on, you can also queue up your task queue. There are a decent amount of conversations going on in the game which makes the game not as boring as expected; but still, some innovations would be deeply appreciated!

There is only one mode of gameplay in this game; but for those who do not want to race against the timer, you can still continue the game after the timer ran out. Some levels are very challenging if you try to achieve the gold medal. Being said so, there are 50 levels but most of the levels are fairly short - when added up, the game is not very long.

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