The 10 most superb superhero MMOs

top 10 superhero mmos
top 10 superhero mmos

​Last weekend, MMO Attack visited WonderCon Anaheim 2013. We had lots of fun and saw some amazing costumes. A majority of the costumes were obviously superheroes from DC and Marvel comics. There was so much comic book madness going around that we even snagged a shot of the creator of most of those superheroes, Stan Lee. With Ironman 3 being released in under a month a Injustice: Gods Among Us hitting stores in just a week; what could be more fitting then ranking 10 amazing superhero games in the MMO genre?

10. Marvel Avengers Alliance

If you've seen our MMO Attack Top 10 videos, you were probably expecting this one. Marvel Avengers Alliance is a social game playable through Facebook. This turn based MMORPG has been a success ever since its release and it's slowly climbing the charts. For now there's just not enough action to push it past the other superhero options ahead. The storyline is also very limited and linear, so all the enjoyment comes from the battles. No one expected this MMO to take off. Still, the game continues to improve it's all star cast of Marvel characters. Give the game some time to evolve though. Who knows where it will stand against other superhero titles in the end?

9. Super Hero Squad Online

Cue the cliché of sounding old, because kids nowadays just don't know how good they have it. Super Hero Squad Online is another MMO game aimed toward a younger crowd. This superhero game throws players into the wonderful world of Marvel, where they can play as some of their favorite characters. The game is free to play but does support a monthly subscription model that provides more content for the player. Super Hero Squad Online is easy to learn but a fun choice for fans looking to satisfy their cartoon and comic book addictions until the release of Marvel Heroes. Don't expect this titles to get stale anytime soon either. Developers continue to improve the game by adding new events that alter the MMO universe. You may need to shell out some dough to grab the specific superhero you always look forward too (sorry Iron Man fans). One thing's for sure though. The addition of Mayhem Mode brought an influx of infamous Marvel baddies, making up one of the best character arsenals of any superhero game available.

8 FusionFall

What time is it? Adventure Time! Well it is if you choose Finn in this wonderful MMO game. This MMOTPS has been able to grow because of it's availability on both PC and Mac. FusionFall was released by Cartoon Network to provide an MMO experience for their young fan base. Many gamers are kids at heart though, so don't let age deter you from this unique, free to play experience. The superheroes in FusionFall may not have spawned from the brilliant minds at DC and Marvel, but there's no doubt many could contend. After all, sugar, spice, and everything nice sure packs one hell of a punch when mixed with chemical X. Don't worry though, the Powerpuff girls aren't the extent of heroism in FusionFall. Thanks to a brilliant update to the game just weeks ago, players can now even play as Dexter's favorite superhero, Major Glory. Fans of old and new cartoon network programs will be able enjoy this browser based wonder on Mac, Linux, and PC. It's understandable if you still have your doubts about this MMOTPS. Still, we mentioned this game delivers the endless heroics of adventure junkie, Finn the Human. It also brings the magical shape shifting powers of his companion, Jake the Dog. How much more of a super heroic combo can you really get then those two life savers?

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