SimCity 2.0 patch detailed, fixes everything except the problems

SimCity Social patch 2.0
SimCity Social patch 2.0

​The tragedy that is SimCity continues with Maxis' announcement of their major 2.0 patch, which will arrive on April 22nd. There was some optimism, now nearly two months after the game's release, that this major fix would resolve many of the core issues with the game. Nope. See every last tweak below.

We talked at length on our last PRO SHO about what it would take to bring us back to the game. It seems like we're collectively just picking on the game now, but SimCity is so incredibly messed up that it's no wonder that the programmers and designers are losing sleep trying to get their game right as their PR wing continues to say all the wrong things.

To their credit, Maxis is fixing the infamous Recycling Center bug. On the flipside, all of the game's broken major systems are still really broken. Your traffic will remain jammed, your water table will still eventually exhaust and your Sims will still seek jobs in other towns before putting the Industrial zones in your own city to work. The wait to 3.0 begins.

Find the patch notes at FleshEatingZipper >

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