FarmVille 2 Spring Showers: Everything you need to know


Since Spring is typically associated with lots of rainfall, it's not surprising that we've seen Zynga bring Spring Showers to our farms in FarmVille 2. The new Spring Showers event will see you preparing your farm for a downpour, which will automatically water all of your active crops, along with making your farm overall more productive than it might be otherwise.

At the beginning of this event, the paper boy will deliver a newspaper to your farm. This serves as your event menu of sorts, as it lets you keep track of the three tasks you need to complete to bring Spring Showers to your farm.

Rain on the Horizon!

  • Collect 5 Copper Buckets

  • Collect 5 Plush Blue Towels

  • Feed 5 Adult Goats

The Copper Buckets are earned via a news post placed on your wall, while the Plush Blue Towels are earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors. Once you complete all three of these tasks, it will start to pour down rain on your farm, automatically watering all of the crops that you've planted (but have yet to water), up to a maximum of 30 individual squares.

In addition to this crop-watering bonus, any limited edition crops or animals that you have on your farm will produce one more unit than normal when harvested / fed. While trees aren't automatically watered, the free crop watering is good enough to make this event worthwhile.

After it's rained on your farm, you can refresh your game to see a load of Spring flowers that have bloomed around your land, and you'll have a timer letting you know how long "Springtime" will last on your farm. When it's over, you can complete new tasks to bring Springtime back to the farm. You can complete these sorts of tasks as often as you'd like over a period of six weeks, so make sure to keep a constant eye on the newspaper by your market to see what you need to do to trigger more rain showers (and more free water) on your land.

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