Eden to Green is a beautiful, challenging good time on iOS, Android

Earlier this month, Zynga partnered with iNis to release Eden to Green on iOS and Android. While the game is still only available to download in the Canadian iTunes store, we've had a chance to go hands-on with this strategy title and have found that it's definitely one to keep an eye on once it's released stateside.

Eden to Green features a war between plants and machines, as plants want nothing more than to live in harmony, while machines are destroying the planet with oil and muck. The battle between plants and machines is a literal one, as Eden to Green features level based combat that allows you to choose your plant combatants and slowly make your way from one side of a field to another, spreading grass and destroying any machines in your path as you move.

​Plants may be offense or defensive, with some just serving as a way to spread grass, while others can actively attack machines that may come near. Each plant has its own stats and specialities, so each level is about the balanced use of these forces against the machines that you may encounter. That is, some of the game's most necessary plants, like Tulips that greatly spread the grass, are incredibly weak. That being the case, you'll need to protect them with stronger plants.

Each battle is turn based, so you won't be able to simply wipe out all of the opposition without a fight. In addition, each plant is represented by a collectible card, so the number on the card determines how many of these individual plants you can plant in a single battle. If you run out of grass-spreading plants, you'll need to come up with another way to succeed.

Thankfully, Eden to Green is more complicated in writing than in practice, as the game becomes a very entertaining time after you've completed the lengthy tutorial. You'll earn coins by playing, which can in turn be used to purchase new plants for your army, and you can even use excess (duplicate) plants to power up those that you'd like to keep. This may make a single plant stronger in battle, or you may just be given additional units that can be used the next time you start a fight.

We've run into some loading and server issues with this first version of the game, but these are relatively expected given the game's limited release. Hopefully, they'll be ironed out before the game's official launch in the US and beyond, and we'll make sure to let you know when that release eventually does happen as soon as we learn more.

Download Eden to Green on the Canadian iTunes store >

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