ChefVille 'Chef's Service' Head Chef Challenge: Everything you need to know


The newest Head Chef Challenge has launched in ChefVille, asking players to perform as many Chef's Services as they can within a five day

​period. This newest challenge will thankfully allow you to save your ingredients for another use, but your energy reserves will definitely take a hit if you go after any of the three prizes in this event.

The Chef's Service Head Chef Challenge gives you a single point for each guest that you give a Chef's Service to. This means you'll earn one point for a table that only has one guest, and two points for a table that has two guests. Thankfully, if you only give Chef's Services to two-person tables, you'll earn twice the amount of points using the same amount of energy.

There are three prizes available in this event, as usual. Here's the breakdown:

Earn 35 Points - Receive 5 Energy
Earn 84 Points - Receive 7 One-Hour Thymes
Earn 175 Points - Receive 2x Head Chef Crates

Like last week's event, the 5-Minute Head Chef Challenge, this one provides you with bonus points for serving very particular dishes. You'll earn bonus points for serving Grilled Steak Burgers, Steak Pies, Veggie Cheddar Crepes, German Chocolate Cakes, and Peanut Hotteok.

If you manage to earn 175 points, you'll be able to open those Head Chef crates to receive Salt and Pepper. If the contents of these Crates changes in future events, we'll make sure to let you know, but for now, good luck earning points in this Chef's Service Head Chef Challenge!

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What do you think of this new Chef's Service Challenge in ChefVille? Will you try to earn all 175 points for the Mystery Crates, or will you quit after earning the energy or Spices? Sound off in the comments!