Bookworm Heroes cheats and tips

Bookworm HeroesBookworm Heroes didn't quite win us over like the original game did, but it's still a fine title that's good for killing short amounts of time. We reviewed the game earlier on today, now here are all of our useful hints and tips for creating killer words.

- In an even fight, you should always make sure you're making the most of the special tiles that are available, as these can really turn the tide of battle. You can be sure your opponent will take any advantage of health top-ups in these circumstances - and so should you. Making great use of diamond tiles can really make a difference here too.

- You have to play your special abilities very smartly. If you're delivering a solid thrashing to your opponent, and you feel your world-building skills are superior, don't feel you have to go after special tiles (such as health top-ups) if it means you'll miss out on dishing out an incredible word.

- Everyone loses from time to time, so don't get sore at your opponent - get better for the next time. Take a look at the words they've created in the post-match round-up, how they used their upgrades, and what you played in response. Learning from other people's tactics will make you a much better player.

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