The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Q&A: What being a Witcher is all about

The Witcher 3 interviewThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was unveiled earlier this year to be in development for PC, PS4 and "other next-gen platforms" so the game will be with us soon enough. Some of the most notable things about the game is its use of the new RED Engine 3 (CD Projekt RED's 3rd iteration of their in-house engine tailor made for their games) and how it allows The Witcher 3 to maintain its strong narrative approach, but also open it up as an open-world experience. The implications are huge and the possibilities are hard to fully comprehend, but suffice it to say that this is shaping up to be one incredible RPG.

Jakub Rokosz, Senior Quest Designer for CD Projekt RED, was nice enough to answer some of my questions that I sent over to the team. This was an email Q&A, so it was not in real-time or anything like that. Check out all of the details down below!

David Jagneaux: Can you first tell me a bit about where Geralt is at both in terms of the story and just mentally as a character, near the start of The Witcher 3?

Jakub Rokosz: Geralt has grown up as the world changed around him. He has seen a lot in his days – he helped kingdoms rise and fall, killed many enemies. He was forced into a lot of these events, now he is just tired. He wants to return to his occupation as a "simple" monster slayer and find his lost love.

The war changed everything. Those once in power have lost it and are no longer interested in Geralt. New players, however, arrived on the scene and have plans for the Witcher. Such transitional times are really dangerous, but at the same time there is a much greater threat looming above all nations. A cavalcade of ghastly specters, the Wild Hunt, appears in the sky and will again cross its path with Geralt.

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