Temple Run: Oz explores the new world of Winkie Country


After launching on iOS and Android last month, Temple Run: Oz has now been updated with a new set of features and even a new location that is sure to keep players coming back time and time again long into the future.

The Winkie Country update introduces a new environment to run through, but it doesn't change how each game begins. Players still start running in Whimsie Woods, but they'll be able to follow a series of signs and corner that take them into the canyons and cornfields of Winkie Country. Of course, they'll need to survive long enough to reach these new areas first.

In addition to this new location, Temple Run: Oz also now features a Head Start boost that will allow for players to fast travel to any location for 7,500 coins, and social leaderboards that will show friends' names on the side of the road as you run past them, topping their scores.

If you've already downloaded Temple Run: Oz on your iOS or Android device of choice, you can now update your app to receive this Winkie Country update. Everyone else can purchase the app outright from iTunes or Google Play for $0.99. While you're at it, why not check out our cheats and tips guide on how to easily run past your competition in Temple Run: Oz?

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