R.I.P. Rally on iOS: Because running over zombies never gets old


While zombies might be an overused enemy in modern games, there's still a ton of fun that can be had by mercilessly killing thousands of the undead. Chillingo apparently agrees, as the developer / publisher's newest game R.I.P. Rally features wave after wave of zombies that can only be killed via vehicular mayhem.

R.I.P. Rally allows players to choose from five different vehicles, from a souped up military transport vehicle to a 1960's flower-covered van, with each vehicle coming being upgradeable with a variety of weapons. Weapons include roof-mounted machine guns, exhaust flamethrowers, long-range explosives and more, and it will be the combination of these tools (including what looks to be some shields and other defensive items) that will determine just how long you can survive.

The longer you play, the more items you'll unlock in the game's store, while missions can be completed to earn money to spend on those upgrades that you unlock. Facebook connectivity adds some social aspects to the game, like leaderboards that allow you to compare your zombie-killing skills to your friends.

From the trailer below, R.I.P. Rally looks to contain everything you need for a violently good time, but check back with us soon for a full review to be sure. In the meantime, you can download the game for yourself now on iTunes for $0.99.

Download R.I.P. Rally on iTunes for $0.99 >

What do you think of R.I.P. Rally so far? How many zombie games do you currently have on your iPhone or iPad? Sound off in the comments!