Quiz Buddies mixes trivia with speed on Facebook, iOS


Village Life developer Playdemic is looking to competitive trivia for its next Facebook and iOS game, as Quiz Buddies has now launched for free on both platforms. Quiz Buddies gives players the chance to challenge both friends and strangers alike to timed trivia games surrounding topics from "General Knowledge" to "Film and TV."

Each game of Quiz Buddies contains three rounds of five questions each. Questions offer multiple choice answers, and many of the wrong answers appear to be incredibly obvious. For most questions, then, it comes down to speed, as you'll earn points for not only answering questions correctly, but also answering questions as quickly as you can.

Lifelines will allow you to eliminate wrong answers, boost a single question's available points, and even swap out for a different question. The game's cross-platform play will also allow you to take your stats (including mastery stars for each category) across from Facebook to iOS and back again as you continue to play wherever you'd like.

There are over 2,000 trivia questions available in Quiz Buddies so far, so if you're ready to test your know-how across a wide variety of topics, you can now play the game against friends or strangers for free on iOS or Facebook.

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