Heroes of Newerth Season 1 Grand Finals: Who will take the title?

Heroes of Newerth season 1 grand finalsThe official line-up has been announced for the Heroes of Newerth Grand Finals which are taking place as we speak in Las Vegas, NV. The finals of the HoN Tour are coming to us after a successful multi-event tournament series which has a final cash prize pool of over $330,000. The season has been on-going since October of last year and has seen eight event cycles come and go. Now there are four teams remaining who are vying for fame and fortune in this week's Grand Finals.

The action begins today at 12:00pm EST with a live casting called 'Honcast' on the HoN tour website. The four remaining teams in the running are Stay Green, LION eSportsklubb, Complexity Gaming and Trademark eSports. Matches will take place both today and tomorrow, April 17th and 18th and are scheduled as follows:

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