Financial Literacy Quiz: 10 Questions to Challenge Your Money Smarts

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April is Financial Literacy Month, and if there's one thing we know for sure, it's that educating Americans about how to manage their money can't start early enough. In a recent survey of international women's financial literacy commissioned by Visa, the U.S. ranked last among 27 countries when it came to the question: "To what extent would you say that teenagers and young adults in your country understand money management basics and are adequately prepared to manage their own money?" Only 17% of respondents expressed any confidence that young people starting out understand financial basics.

Of course, teaching by example is one of the surest ways to get kids to learn. Here are 10 money questions to challenge your basic knowledge about managing finances. Find an area you need to brush up on? Visit the new DailyFinance Learning Center, where you can take interactive courses on personal finance topics, including how to teach your kids about money.