FarmVille 'Environmental Issues' Master Quest Guide

FarmVille Environmental Issues guide
FarmVille Environmental Issues guide

Here's a sneak peek of the upcoming FarmVille Spring Break quests coming to FarmVille this week! FarmVille Environmental Issues quests arrived on Thursday, April 18th, 2013 and end Thursday, May 2nd, 2013. Use this guide to speed through your questing and be sure to share it with all your farmin' friends!

Please note, the information in this guide is accurate at time of publishing, but is subject to change without prior notice by Zynga. See an error? Kindly report any findings to or leave a comment on this post.

FarmVille Environmental Issues Quest 1: The Catalyst

  • Requirements: Get 7 Catalytic Converters, Harvest 60 Jalepenos & Craft 1 Farmhand

  • Rewards: Mechanic Duck

FarmVille Environmental Issues Quest 2: Grrreat Expectations

  • Requirements: Get 8 Eco Friendly Fertilizers, Harvest 90 Rye & Harvest Mechanic Duck 2 Times

  • Rewards: Over-Fertilized Tree

FarmVille Environmental Issues Quest 3: Something In The Water

  • Requirements: Get 9 Water Filtration Systems, Harvest 120 Golden Poppies & Craft 1 Trowel in Hanging Gardens

  • Rewards: 3 Pack of Turbo

FarmVille Environmental Issues Quest 4: Clean It Up

  • Requirements: Get 10 Clean Up Crews, Harvest 150 Chickpeas & Master Mechanic Duck to 1-Star

  • Rewards: Clean Up Koala

FarmVille Environmental Issues Quest 5: What a Gas!

  • Requirements: Get 10 Deheiferizer, Harvest 180 Eggplant & Craft 1 Watering Can

  • Rewards: Deheiferized Cow

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