Cut The Rope: Time Travel cheats and tips

Cut The Rope Time Travel cheats tipsWe've finally got our hands on a brand-new Cut The Rope game, and we gave Time Travel a very well-deserved 4.5 out of 5 stars in our review today. We've got complete video walkthroughs to all of the game's levels on their way, but if you prefer a few spoiler-free general tips, we've got you covered there too.

- You've got two mouths to feed now, so be aware that the actions you perform on one Candy may well have a critical effect on the other. Once you're in that mindset though, it can often make it easier to understand the solution. To complete a level, each character must get a single Candy - don't forget to grab the stars too for a higher rating.

- There are plenty of new objects to deal with in Om Nom's latest adventure, and the one that can cause the most unpredictable effects is the bomb. If it comes into contact with anything, it will detonate and push any swinging objects outwards. Because of its impact on the level, if there's a bomb on the screen then that's a good sign you need to start with that object and work outwards.

- Be aware that those powerful saws don't just cut through metal chains, they will cut through everything they come into contact with - including the Candy itself. Lose your Candies, and it's game over, so be ready to save them from danger at any moment.

- The Telekinesis system may be a bit of a cheap way to get through the tricky levels, but it is a useful tool if you become really stuck. To use it, select the lightning icon at the top left-hand corner of the screen and press your finger behind any object to invisibly push it forward. Alternatively, we're going to be bringing you walkthroughs for the whole game, so keep a close eye on the site to save yourself some cash.

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