Bookworm Heroes tests your vocabulary against friends on iPhone, iPad


Bookworm developer PopCap has released a new action-packed installment in the word game franchise, as Bookworm Heroes has now launched as a free download on iPhone and iPad.

Bookworm Heroes allows players to compete in head-to-head battles as they form the best words possible from randomized letter tiles. Whether they're competing against a random opponent or their close friends, each game sees players forming words using any of the letters on the screen, whether they touch or not. The longer the word, the more damage it will do to your opponent, and vice versa.

At the beginning of each battle, players choose from a variety of heroes, each of which costs coins to purchase and has its own individual stats. The game's mascot worm Lex, for instance, comes with Apple tiles that replenish players' health, while a "cyberpunk" character allows players to steal letters from their opponent's boards in order to create truly massive words.

"We're ecstatic to introduce the next chapter of Bookworm to iOS users in a new adaptation that brings multiplayer and social gameplay to what's previously been a solitary player experience," said Scott Willoughby, Bookworm franchise director at PopCap Games, via a company release. "Bookworm Heroes adds a new level of fun and challenge among friends, plus a ton of extras that we believe make this the best Bookworm iteration yet."

Bookworm Heroes is now available to download for free on iPhone and iPad. Check back with us soon for a full review.

Download Bookworm Heroes on iOS >

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