Age of Wushu: Review in progress part 1

Age of Wushu review
Age of Wushu review

I spent most of last week nursing the cold from hell, so Expendable Bo's adventures didn't progress as far as I had hoped they might. Though, to tell the truth, I'm not entirely sure I'm making any progress when I do play. I admit, without levels to use as a basic yardstick, I feel adrift in a sea of fetch/fight quests, random story elements and whatever the hell Jianghu is all about.
I tried to get into the game midday on Friday, but couldn't as all the servers were packed full.

The good news is that Snail Games does seem to be aware of the in-game population crush, as they opened a shiny new server by the end of the weekend. That kind of on-the-fly problem assessment and correction a big point in their favor, and something to be emulated by other game publishers.

Further investigation revealed that the "one character only" that so many players have been complaining about, is a bit misleading. The reality is that there is one character allowed per server, which can mean several characters per account. (The beta test character that I just assumed had been wiped before launch, is actually still there.) Just don't forget which character you have on which server.

The gold spam continues to clog the chat. It's so annoying that I usually close the chat window as soon as I'm logged in. Of course, that doesn't stop the bots from standing around town, shouting their endless offers of easy gold for not so easy cash.
Thanks to a computer upgrade and a tip from a reader, (nod to TheOccult) the game is prettier to look at then ever. The landscape is absolutely gorgeous and the sound effects are spot on. Unfortunately, I'm finding it hard to care.

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