Wii U system update launches next week

Wii UDuring the Nintendo Direct today Mr. Satoru Iwata mentioned the April Wii U update which they announced would launch next week. The update will shorten up the lengthy loading times, as seen in the above video, and also bring a few more features to the Wii U.

The Wii U update will not only minimize loading times but also change quite a bit more on the Wii U. Access to Wii Mode on the Wii U requires players to turn on their Wii U's and then switch to Wii Mode from the Wii U Home screen. After next week's update players can access Wii Mode by simply pressing the B Button on the GamePad as the Wii U powers on. Doing this will load up Wii Mode rather the regular Wii U menu. The update will also let players transfer data in between USB storage devices. Nintendo even took convenience a step further and made software updates less of a hassle which is seems to be the best upgrade included in the new Wii U update.

Software updates are usually the most painful part of loading up a game but Nintendo is aiming to make this a less obtrusive process. Software updates will occur automatically without having to start up software. Downloaded software can be also be installed while playing a game. After players have started a software download, with a new 'standby function' the software can be downloaded and installed even when the Wii U is powered off. Beyond upgrades to the Wii U system itself there were also game and app announcements during the Nintendo Direct presentation.

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