Rosetta Stone Has a Clear Strategy for the Road Ahead

The following video excerpt was taken from an interview with Steve Swad, CEO of Rosetta Stone , in which he talks about his business philosophy, and how it is driving success both for language learners and for the company itself. In this segment, he discusses his top three strategies for future growth.

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Matt Argersinger: So you have three strategic priorities. Brand, platform, distribution.

Steve Swad: Right.

Matt: Can you tell us kind of what's driving each of those and what are the goals behind those platforms?

Swad: The company's got a number of wonderful assets. Its brand is one of them. That strategic priority is to grow the company into its brand and build more products under the Rosetta Stone brand and penetrate deeper markets, both inside a language and outside a language.

That's the brand. Platform is create an infrastructure where our products can reside, that bring special things to customers. So mobility is one, that customers live on an iPad or an iPhone or a tablet. We'll make sure our technology comes to the customers where they are. Social is another element of platform. Build a platform that enables community, enables connection, enables study groups. Then third in platform is, we call it "artificial intelligence"; I think of it as smart delivery of pages. So understand your learner, process it through machines and then deliver smart content just designed for that learner. That's platform. So think of it as a set of core capabilities that our products will rest on that will bring good things to customers. And then last, distribution is meet customers where they are and make it easy, make it seamless, make it frictionless.

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