Mr. Crab cheats and tips

Mr. CrabWe reviewed Illusion Labs' Mr. Crab towards the end of last week, and had much praise for the game's slick presentation and refreshing twist on the typical App Store platform fodder. We're still playing the game, and have put together some useful hints and tips that should help you navigate your way through the trickier stages.

- If you want to get a high star rating on a level, it's very important that you grab as many of your crab children as possible as you ascend the tower! Don't be too quick to head to the top, and if you just miss out on grabbing a baby crab, keep traveling - more often than not there'll be a wall coming up that you can bounce off to change direction.

- Capturing as many bubbles as you can is important, but always pay close attention to what's coming up around the next rotating corner. As a priority, you need to make sure you bop off the heads of any enemies, otherwise you'll be sent dropping to a lower level - of course, you can always use that as a tactic to descend quickly if you've missed out on any crabs.

- You may have noticed during play that tapping on Mr Crab's icon on the main menu changes the fetching hat that he sports. If you're wondering how to get your claws on more of these, they drop from the boss fights that are spread out between level sets. Just tap on Mr Crab to cycle through his available headgear.

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