Forza Horizon's new "1000 Club" is must-have DLC that's free and... controversial?

Forza HorizonI've said it before, but I love Forza Horizon. If I weren't obligated to work, live, eat, use the restroom, and other games, I might never stop playing it. Today made the fight even worse as Turn 10 and Playground Games just dropped some epic free DLC that introduces the "1000 Club", which is literally a thousand new challenges. Of course, you can't give away DLC like that without someone complaining.

See, many of the new challenges in this free DLC are based around owning specific cars, but while many of those can be acquired by winning races and getting cash, others are only accessible if you bought other sets of DLC with real dollars. So, if you never invested an additional dollar to Forza Horizon beyond acquiring the base game, there's no way to acquire all of the medals in these new challenges.

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