FarmVille 2 Honeysuckle Crafting Recipes: Everything you need to know


The second Crop Packet to launch in FarmVille 2 contains Honeysuckle, and as you might have guessed, it allows you plant Honeysuckle flowers on your farm over a period of two weeks. Like the Hibiscus Flowers before it, this Honeysuckle crop comes with three crafting recipes that can be "cooked" inside the game's Crafting Kitchen and Crafting Workshop, and we're here with a complete guide as to what these recipes contain.

First though, a reminder: These recipes will only be available to those that have purchased the Honeysuckle Crop Packet for 15 Farm Bucks in the store, or for those that are willing to pay for Honeysuckle units on a recipe-by-recipe basis.

The first recipe is called Honeysuckle Ice Cream, with these frozen treat being available inside the game's Crafting Kitchen. You can create a single batch of Honeysuckle Ice Cream using 12 Honeysuckle Flowers and one regular pint of Ice Cream. This regular Ice Cream is created using Half and Half and Sugar, with Sugar being earned by sending your friends requests for it directly. You can sell your new Honeysuckle Ice Cream items for 4,190 coins in the store, and you'll receive 24 XP for creating a single batch.

The second recipe is for a Honeysuckle Wreath, and it can be found inside the game's Crafting Workshop. This recipe requires 15 Honeysuckle and one Wool Thread Spindle to create. The Wool Thread Spindle can be made using just six Wool and two Fine Rabbit Wool, and you'll receive 23 XP for each Honeysuckle Wreath that you create. Each one can then be sold for 3,700 coins in the market.

The final recipe in this Honeysuckle themed trio is Honeysuckle Oil. This recipe is made using 15 Honeysuckle and eight Olives per batch. Olives come from Olive Trees, but if you're like me, you probably have hundreds of these things lying around just waiting for a purpose. You'll receive 21 XP for each Honeysuckle Oil you craft, and you can sell each one for 3,430 coins in the market.

These recipes are permanent additions to the store, so you don't have to purchase the Honeysuckle Crop Packet just yet if you'd rather save your Farm Bucks or just wait to plant and master this new crop. Stick with us, as we'll bring you complete guides to the rest of FarmVille 2's newest features just as soon as they roll out.

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Will you purchase a Crop Packet to be able to plant Honeysuckle and make these recipes? Would you if the price of the Packet was less expensive? Sound off in the comments!