FarmVille 2 Hibiscus Crafting Recipes: Everything you need to know

Earlier this week, Zynga unleashed Crop Packets in FarmVille 2, allowing players to purchase limited edition crop licenses which allow those players to plant exclusive crops as many times as they'd like within a two week period. These crops are worth more just mastery stars though, as each comes with a new set of crafting recipes that can be completed using the fruits of your farming labor.

The first trio of recipes goes along with the Hibiscus crop, which can be purchased for 15 Farm Bucks. Again, purchasing this crop only actually allows you to plant it for two weeks, but here's what you can create after you've started harvesting some on your farm.

The first recipe is for Hibiscus Scones, which requires 12 Hibiscus and one Batter to create. The Hibiscus is obviously earned by planting and then harvesting the crop (it can be harvested after growing for two hours), while the Batter is made using Wheat, Flour, and Eggs. A single Hibiscus Scone can be sold for 3,020 coins, and you'll receive 19 XP for creating a single one.The second recipe is for Hibiscus Lemonade, which requires one Lemonade and 12 more Hibiscus Flowers to create. This recipe can be sold for 3,090 coins in the market, but the Lemonade itself is already a valuable item, since it's made using a large combination of water and lemons over multiple crafting stages. Creating a single batch of Hibiscus Lemonade gives you 19 XP.The final recipe in this trio is Hibiscus Oil, which gives you 20 XP when crafted. It requires 15 Hibiscus and eight Olives to create. Olives are earned by tending Olive Trees, and you've likely already accumulated hundreds of those in your inventory over time. After you've created some Hibiscus Oil, you can sell it in the store for 3,370 coins.Just as the Crop Packets don't currently have expiration dates, neither do these recipes, so they'll be here for your coin-earning pleasure just as soon as you're ready to create them.

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What do y you think of this new set of Hibiscus flower recipes in FarmVille 2? Are these recipes enough to make you want o unlock the Hibiscus Crop Packet in the store? Sound off in the comments!

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