FarmVille 2 Bee Box: Everything you need to know


If you're looking for a new feature to keep yourself busy in FarmVille 2, the new Bee Box is sure to be the thing for you. This Bee Box comes packed with bees that will fertilize your crops, giving you a chance to collect both Pollen and Honeycomb, and even earn a prize for your virtual farmer in the process. Of course, you can't use the Bee Box until it's built on your farm, which is

where we come in for help.

First, you'll need to wait for Walter to arrive on your farm, as he further introduced this feature. You'll need to collect 10 Honeycomb Racks, 10 Brown Paint, and 10 Nails to complete the first stage of the Bee Box, with the Honeycomb Racks being earned through a general news item posted to your wall. The other two items are earned via individual requests sent directly to your neighbors. When you finish this first building stage, you can move on to asking your friends to come work in the item as staff before finally finishing it off.

With the Bee Box fully built, it will work somewhat passively on your farm. When you harvest crops from that point forward, you'll have a chance to receive Honey, which is a new collectible item similar to drops of yogurt. When the Bee Box is full of Honey, you can harvest it to have a chance at Honeycomb, the new "Gourmet Yogurt" of this event. Once you collect enough Honeycomb, you'll be able to trade it in to earn a Beekeepers outfit for your in-game avatar.

If nothing else, this Bee Box is rather small, so it can be built, used to collect the Beekeepers Outfit and then placed aside in the hopes that something else comes of this feature down the line. Good luck building your own Bee Box on your farm!

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