Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon hands-on preview

Far Cry 3 Blood DragonIf Far Cry 3 (FC3) was an extreme parody, Blood Dragon is a balls-to-the-wall pisstake of all shooters everywhere. From the opening tutorial to the rampaging dinosaur climax, it feels like Ubisoft Montreal took all the criticisms of Far Cry 3 and threw them right back into our collective faces. And it's glorious, silly, fun

Hate tutorial levels? We know. Suck it. Cyborg ninjas would be the best thing ever? Here you go. What's that about dinosaurs? You want them to shoot lasers? You got it. And to top it all off, they've created a bizarre 80s cartoon trailer to go with it. Welcome to the future of 2007.

At heart, it's still very obviously Far Cry 3. As cyber-commando Sgt. Rex "Power" Colt, you start out with many of the powers that FC3′s Jason had to earn – unlimited underwater swimming and dropping from great heights without taking damage. Healing still has you jabbing needles into your forearm with no damage and you get a full array of weapons with silly names. The Fazertron, an assault rifle. The Kobracon, or sniper rife. The Molotox! It's a molotov cocktail but everyone knows that using an "x" makes it THE FUTURE.

Opening with this generation's post-apocalyptic classic set-piece, I started out behind a minigun turret in a helicopter, ripping through the requisite tankers full of explosive fuel and taking down rival choppers before the inevitable crash into a world jam-packed with clichés.

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